Kai  is  how  they  call  me,

fun  is  something  I  pursue.

Creative  is  what  I  try  to  be,

expressing  myself  is  what  i  do.

About  Kai  Chung

Kai Chung Ronny To is his full name. Most people call him Kai or Ronny.
His current favourite color is #94E8EA.

In his free time Kai likes to play videogames, practice martial arts, watch anime, make flash games, participate in cosplay events, daydream and enjoy an inspirational book that can teach him something new.

There are 3 keywords that can describe Kai:


When problems occur, he always tries to solve them. Sometimes the problem is solved with just one curly bracket, but usually the problem is more complex. Nevertheless, Kai gets to the bottom of a problem and gets back to the top with a proper solution.

Aesthetically  inspired

Everything that looks, smells, hears, feels and tastes beautiful inspires him. This means he feels fully alive when all these senses are operating at their peak. Kai likes to draw inspiration from life and from the people around him.

Eye  for  detail

Quality will always have more value than quantity(this also applies in life). Focussing on little details seems trivial but in the end those details always make the final result that much greater. Kai might require more time fine tuning details but if that matters to you, it matters to him too.

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